About Me

Hello! My name is Caitlin, but you can call me Cate.

I am a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer, SEO specialist, and about a dozen other odd titles. In short, I’m a digital nomad. This means that I can wake up anywhere and go to work right on my laptop, or sometimes even my smartphone. I travel when I want, stay as long as I’d like, and still get a paycheck.

At the moment, I spend most of my time traveling between Cincinnati, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee. But I also take plenty of trips. In the first two months of 2018, I flew to Washington, D.C. and spent a week in Orlando and Tampa, Florida. Next month I’ll be headed to the Florida¬†Keys. I also have four trips planned for the next few months, though I’ll likely end up taking many more.

I’m living a life that I never thought would be possible.

After all, for the first 23 years of my life, I followed “the plan.” I went to college, then grad school. I planned to start a career that would have me in an office from 9 am to 5 pm each day. If I was lucky, I’d get a week or two of vacation time each year that I could use to travel.

I didn’t like “the plan,” but I also never thought to fight it. That’s just what people do, and until I discovered the world of digital nomads, I just figured that’s what I’d have to do as well.

That’s why I’ve launched Cate Goes. I want to share with you how I broke free from the 9-to-5, launched a career that I love, and now get to travel at will. If that sounds like a dream to you, you’re in the right place. I want to help you make all of your crazy dreams a reality.

Check back often for the latest tips on launching a career as a digital nomad, landing great travel deals, and leading a life of freedom. Or drop me a message to subscribe to my newsletter to get this tips and tricks delivered straight to your inbox.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride!