6 Apps to Organize Your Freelance Writing Career

Unless you land a killer gig right from the start or you are an experienced freelance writer who has been in the business for a while, you’re likely going to be dealing with several clients at once.

More clients and projects mean more money, but it can also mean more hassle and confusion. And the more you improve your writing skills, the more freelance jobs you’ll land, increasing the potential for chaos.

If you aren’t organized, deadlines won’t be met and you’ll be left with disappointed clients. To stop the struggle before it starts, check out these 6 awesome apps for organizing your freelance writing career.


Evernote is a one-stop-shop for organizing your freelance writing business.

Not only can you save articles that you are working on and access them on different devices, but you can also save pictures that you’ve taken or found online, create notes and lists, and save online articles that you want to take a look at later.

There’s a free basic membership that gives you 60MB of upload space each month. The pay options, which start at $24.99 a year, include add-ons like saving emails, creating presentations, editing PDFs, and more, and also provide more upload and storage space.

Google Drive

If you’re looking for storage that you can access across all of your devices and add-ons like calendars and spreadsheets, but you don’t want to learn how to use a new program, Google Drive is for you.

Odds are you already have a Gmail account. Use Google Drive to store documents and spreadsheets, Google Keep for to-do lists and reminders, and Google Calendar to keep your schedule and due dates organized. You can even use Google’s spreadsheet option to keep track of different freelance jobs or projects, how much each one pays, and when they are due.


Looking for a way to manage multiple freelance jobs, clients, assignments, and deadlines?

Wunderlist is great for making lists and setting reminders to make sure that you don’t miss any due dates. The app is free and can be accessed from all of your devices.


Sometimes I’m not sure whether it’s more distracting to work when I’m in some cool new location or when I’m sitting at home. I actually tend to lean towards the second, mostly because I have a bouncing puppy vying for my attention!


If you’re like me and have trouble staying focused while working on freelance jobs, this app is made for you.

Freedom blocks your access to social media while you work, to help you stay on track for longer. According to their website, every time you stop working to check email or social media, it takes your mind 23 minutes to refocus. If you want to improve your writing skills and grow your career, you need to be committed to putting your all into every project that you complete.

Freedom does cost, with plans beginning at $2.42 a month if you pay for a year ahead of time. But you can get a free trial to see if it works for you before you take the leap.


Keeping track of the time that you spend on different projects and assignments can help you figure out where you are spending the most time.

This can be invaluable when deciding whether or not to take on new projects. It can also help you improve your writing skills by identifying areas you may need to work on, such as writing outlines faster or learning to edit more efficiently.

Freckle allows single users or teams to track their work, time, and pay. The app costs, starting at $19 a month for single users, but you’ll easily make up the cost with saved time and improved efficiency.


If you regularly work with a team to complete freelance projects, you need an app that lets you keep work organized as changes are made and allow you to communicate easily with coworkers.


That’s where Trello comes in. This free app lets you create projects that multiple people can work on and edit, and you can have multiple projects going on at one time.

Using Apps to Improve your Freelance Writing Career

Any of these 6 apps could be a lifesaver for your freelance writing career.

They’ll help you get organized and stay that way, communicate better with any team members, and even track your work time. Still having trouble staying organized? Want personalized help getting your freelance writing career set up? Contact me today to receive my weekly newsletter and get tips and tricks to starting your own digital nomad journey, right to your inbox!

Already using a different app that you think other freelance writers would find helpful? Comment below! Then, drop me your name and email address to join my mailing list to receive a weekly newsletter packed with exclusive tips on starting your own digital nomad journey!

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